How Can Purpose/Vision Coaching Benefit You?

Unshakeable Clarity

When you’ve established your sense of purpose, you become clear in the direction your life must take. And this directional focus begins informing all aspects of your life – career, relationships, and more. 

Capturing Necessity

Find someone with extreme focus and unwavering resilience, and I’ll show you someone deeply connected to their sense of necessity – their reason for putting in the hours and sacrifice necessary for wild success. 

Increased Well-Being

Once a person becomes clear on their sense of direction, then many of the other foundational elements gain clarity as well – health, friends and family, spirituality, and one’s own relationship with their self. 

You’re One Step Closer to Reclaiming Your Future

We’ve created a free resource for you to connect with your core values. When emotions and stakes are high, you don’t want your decisions made by old tapes and faulty instincts – you want your process driven by what’s most important to your future. 

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Our Purpose/Vision Coaching Programs

Purpose: Life & Career

Many individuals come to us stuck in a personal struggle akin to existential dilemma – “Why am I here”,  “What is this all about or for”. The coaching programs we design around these issues are based in our concepts of “reset” and “redesign”. We first walk the individual through exercises in personal history – critical for regaining a sense of control. And we then create a future self founded in purpose and necessity.   

Life by Design

For many individuals, the obstacle is not a crisis of existence, but rather one of disengagement or frustration. In this case, we create a program for them based up on the principles of design: identification, experimentation, framing, and process. We capture a vision for a future they want to experience (feel), and then we work with the individual to build structure and perspective that work to enable the pathway forward. 

Business: Values & Culture

Existential dilemmas aren’t just for individuals, after all. Every leader likes to believe they have a vision for the future and their finger on the present, but these personal perceptions are often shattered by crises. We’ve worked with many organizations in objectively diagnosing their real values and actual cultural norms and narratives. Once we’ve established these baselines, we can then work with the leadership on creating a plan to reclaim their organization’s future. 

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