What Can High Performance Do For You? 

Direction & Purpose

Planning is the first major ingredient in performance, but it must be founded in purpose and with vision. We utilize a range of strategies to help you customize an approach that’s right for you. 

Freedom Thru Discipline

The best of plans and overall vision will go to waste in the absence of execution. We take a deeper approach to the “doing” of performance, with a focus on habit building and success as fuel for engagement.  

Reclaim Your Self Worth

Think of self worth as your shield versus the negativity of the world – and your own limiting beliefs. Part of high performance is reflecting on and celebrating your victories, and we focus on developing processes for that. 

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Our Performance Coaching Programs

Productivity Coaching

In its simplest sense, productivity is about getting the right things done with the least amount of resource investment. Yet, we find many people coming to us feeling defeated and incapable of accomplishing what they feel is even one successful day. We’ll design a program for them that first attacks their own limiting beliefs, and then focus on resetting what they believe their self capable of. We then determine what tools and skills they’ll need to accomplish future benchmarks, and then we create a process for building that future self – knowledge, skills, habits, and more.

High Performance Coaching

Many of our clients already feel some sense of success, but they either hunger for something greater or they’re struggling with a sense of something missing. Or, they’re left wondering what all of the hustle and sacrifice is really for. Ultimately, all of these individuals benefit from a coaching program driven by the variables of purpose, necessity, discipline, and leadership. 

Leadership & Management

For many people, high performance is about more than their own achievements – it’s about an entire team. We have over a decade of experience in the coaching and mentoring of leaders, and we’ve found a great deal of success in a hybrid approach that combines executive coaching with the performance principles of productivity coaching. We first establish a framework that separates the concepts of leadership and management into separate pathways, guide the individual in determining what return they need from developing each of those, and then create a path forward driven by real-time feedback loops. 

Business +/- Team Performance

When it’s an organization with needs, we can design programs for teams, departments, or the whole company. We work with the leadership team to assess their current culture and its relationship to performance, establish scaffolded benchmarks for progress, and then reverse engineer the needed performance principles to make those goals realized.

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