What Can Career Coaching Do For You?

Establish Purpose

Sometimes we need someone to guide us through the process of questioning everything we believe to be true, and in turn reestablishing your sense of direction for your career. We all possess self limiting beliefs, and we need support in re-coding them. 

Regain Your Focus

Once you have established a direction (purpose) forward, you can begin the process of reverse engineering that future state. The skills you’ll need to acquire, habits to develop, content to learn – these are all integral to any coaching journey. 

Reclaim Control

Losing your sense of self – your identity – to your career or organization is a common  consequence for most, especially when successful. It’s critical to determine, though, when you’ve given away power over your life’s narrative. The impact can be severe. 

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Our Career Coaching Programs

Executive Coaching

For many individuals already in leadership positions, they’re not searching for answers on what to do with their career but how to better manage their current responsibilities. We design programs for these individuals focused on 1) developing clarity, 2) creating objectives, 3) cultivating greater self awareness, and 4) integrating high performance principles. 

Career By Design

We utilize our principles of design and bring them to your career: identification, experimentation, framing, and process. We push you to become curious, to develop a real understanding of the real problems you’re facing. And then we work with you to reframe these problems and other key elements of your life. 

Planning for the Pivot

Some clients come to us with a pivot already in mind. Our first responsibility is to bring a forced reflection to the person, in order to test whether this career change is the best choice for them. Once this is determined we work with you to create a gap assessment – what do you need to be successful in the pivot versus where do you currently stand in these areas. Then we reverse engineer a process forward. 

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