When you attempt to live life without a clearly defined purpose, you’re basically attempting to walk through a massive, dense forest that possesses no trails, is full of monsters, and with no map or compass. 

The odds are you’re going to stumble around the woods until you run out of time. Would you consider that a life well-lived? 

Over the last few months I’ve written a handful of articles focused on developing purpose. You’ll find them each linked below, but in a specific order and with some additional notes on how to utilize each of them in a process for finding your direction in life. 

Seriously, stop aimlessly wondering around the woods. Let’s get you some navigational and survival tools, and let’s get you on the track to living the life you’ve defined for yourself. 

Article #1: Your Passion is a Unicorn

People confuse passion and purpose – or focus too much on the former, and all to their detriment. Passion isn’t this all or nothing proposition that you either find or you don’t, it’s something you develop through a purpose-driven life. The goal here is to get clear on the role of purpose and why you should be focused on defining it – not passion.  

Article #2: How a Personal Mission Statement Can Change Your Life

Now that you have a clear understanding around the value of purpose, we cover a formula and process you can utilize to define your personal mission statement. When people first hear about this exercise, they’ll often get overwhelmed over something that sounds so daunting. Know, though, I’ve outlined the necessary steps to make the effort as painless as possible. And the key here is just getting a working statement going so that you can improve on it through implementation – not getting it perfect before with the initial effort. Perfection is process, not destination. 

Article #3: 2 Powerful Ways to Hack Your Purpose

At this point, you were either able to read #2 and develop a personal mission statement, or you became stuck or were too intimidated to begin. Don’t worry, as this article was written just for your sake. I’ll often use the two exercises here to 1) get people to understand the massive benefits to daily purpose, and 2) have them begin creating a sense of direction for the larger effort of creating a personal mission statement.  

Article #4: Why Are Some People More Lucky Than Others?

This article doesn’t deal directly with purpose, but once you have a direction in life then you can take the formula outlined here to push your efforts to the next level. I outline the formula I use with clients to help them create their own “luck” in life, and if you substitute purpose for vision in the formula you’ll clearly see what I mean. 

Article #5: A Coach’s Guide to Finding the Right Coach

This work is hard, plain and simple. Can you do it by yourself? Absolutely. Even better, get an accountability partner to take the journey with you. But if you find yourself stuck and needing some additional knowledge or inspiration, then this guide will prove of tremendous benefit in finding a coach to help you in the purpose-building effort. 

In Closing

If you have any questions at all, then leave a comment below or email us at info@retri.consulting. We’re always here to support!

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