We hope you’ve had a great week! My family celebrated Halloween last night by dressing up as characters from Descendants. So, now I’m sitting here this morning pondering the realities that: 1) my two girls wanted to be teenagers last night, and 2) my wife had me dress up as Hades. The first one terrifies me. The second one has me wondering if my wife was sending me some sort of message… 

What We’re Reading

We’re spending more time than ever collaborating professionally, but do we really know what makes a great team? Google invested tens of millions of dollars over a period of years to try and determine what made high-performing teams special. We’re talking about hundreds of potential teams for study spread out across dozens of departments. Charles Duhigg spent time with the leaders behind Project Aristotle to understand if the researchers had potentially cracked the code. 

What We’re Listening To

Tony Gonzales (NFL Hall of Famer) interviewed Ryan Holiday on the latest episode of his podcast about the idea of finding stillness in your life. Stillness can manifest itself in many ways, such as accepting the conditions of the present moment or learning to recognize and temper your emotions. Much of the discussion aligns with the Re-Tri framework for performance, like creating routines and developing healthy boundaries around your phone, media, and other distractions. Of note, too, is their conversation around their lifelong love of reading, and how the knowledge they’ve gained from books has driven them to the excellence in their lives today. 

One Quote We Can’t Let Go Of

Those who are truly decrepit, living corpses, so to speak, are the middle-aged, middle class men and women who are stuck in their comfortable grooves and imagine that the status quo will last forever or else are so frightened it won’t that they have retreated into their mental bomb shelters to wait it out. 

– Henry Miller

One Idea We’re Obsessed With

We live in a society that is obsessed with stories of “overnight” success, and the digital era has pushed this idea to an even greater extreme. Yet, every bit of historical evidence offers us a different narrative, of how the greatest creatives spent at minimum ten years devoted to intentional practice before they were capable of creating their first great product. 

Ten years of daily, deliberate practice. For their first great product. 

What We’ve Worked On

Much of our time was spent this week on getting our newest resources ready for publishing, but I was able to get one article delivered this week on the Pomodoro Method. So much attention in the productivity space is devoted to effective planning or continuous learning, but very little to simply working well. When it comes to the concept of execution, the Pomodoro Method is the first place I take my clients. 

Multitasking is destroying your brain. Stop. 

In Closing

I made a decision early in the week to take the direction of two of our new resources down a different path. I’m excited for the changes, and I know they will only bring you greater value. The titles are below, and you guys are the first to ever learn of them. On Monday afternoon, we’re making them public and available for download, so if you want to be the first to receive a copy then reply to this email and let me know. It’ll be delivered straight to your inbox. 

Never Face a Difficult Decision Again: A Guide to Values

3 Awesome Hours: A Checklist to Make Every Day Great by Lunch

Here’s to a great weekend for us all, and please keep the feedback coming. We value each and every email. 

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