Let’s start with a smile. I haven’t taken a day off from work in well over a month, so the proverbial wall was hit this week. And hard. Like a gentle nudge from the universe I came across this video. I hope it gives you a smile and a jolt of inspiration as much as it did for me and my family. My daughters watched it at least ten times straight, and that night I heard them repeating the affirmation while going to bed… and everyday since. 

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What We’re Reading

I’m going to take the weekend to check a couple of books off my non-work queue, and I’m starting with Bad Blood, by John Carreyrou. The book has been a phenomenal success by any possible metric, receiving critical acclaim and topping all the bestseller lists. However, many are also predicting it to be the work referenced in the far future when society reflects back upon the many influences of Silicon Valley. 

Reading I Worked at Capital One for Five Years: This Is How We Justified Piling on Debt on Poor Customers reminded me of the Milgram Experiment, but obviously with a greater sense of complexity since these people were typically younger, attempting to build careers while earning a living, and were not directly witnessing the individual harm they contributed to. However, that doesn’t make it any less alarming to digest the contents of the article. It also seems that at least some of them are living with the guilt from the roles they played in the exploitation of the poor and working classes. Lots to chew on from this read. 

But meaning can be found everywhere, even in the circumstances beyond our control. There are few greater reminders of this than the work of Viktor Frankl. The Human Search for Meaning is a solid overview of the beliefs of a man who survived the Holocaust and witnessed unimaginable tragedy. Please give it a read, and I hope it inspires you to seek out the book this article is based upon, Man’s Search for Meaning

What We’re Working On

On Tuesday we published How a Personal Mission Statement Can Change Your Life, which for us was the most fun piece we’ve written in awhile and easily one of the most powerful. We’ve used that exact framework with many of our clients, and if you give it a shot it has the potential to change your life. 

Thursday’s article was focused on strategies to leverage your most scarce resource – time. In 2 Strategies to Invest a Little Time Now for Huge Gains Later we offer two exercises you can incorporate into your daily practice that require little in the way of a learning curve, but can still have a profound impact on your overall effectiveness. I’ve used “must-should-could” for years now, and honestly couldn’t imagine approaching a day without it. 

This next week will see articles around the topics of “ego and your career” and “passion vs. purpose”. Additionally, we’re going to post at least two videos next week highlighting some tips around igniting daily purpose and also a bit of additional instruction on must-should-could. 

One Quote We’re Obsessed With

You are the sum total of everything you’ve ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot – it’s all there. Everything influences each of us, and because of that I try to make sure that my experiences are positive. 

– Maya Angelou

One Idea We Can’t Let Go Of

That a commitment to curiosity in any given situation can change the world, and you have the power to ignite that reality within your own sphere of influence. Be curious with your friends, your kids, your partner, your peers and coworkers – everyone. First you’ll find a greater sense of awareness with these people, and then a corresponding surge of empathy. 

In Closing

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Much love, Team Re-Tri

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