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We work with you to design a future self that you’re excited to wake up to and work towards. 

Our Team

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Dr. Lester Clowes

Dr. Lester Clowes

Founder, Coach

Lifetime coach/mentor/teacher, lover of learning and anything challenging, most proud of being a dad

Mason Cary

Mason Cary

Operations, Analyst

Current grad student at UGA pursuing Master’s in Analytics, passionate about data, efficiency, and continuous improvement

Partnered Coaches

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Dr. Grace Losada

Dr. Grace Losada

Coach, Entrepreneur

Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, Leader & Educator, Unconditional dog lover

Quemille Benitez

Quemille Benitez

Coach, Strategist

Obsessed with strategic planning and brand development, Expert in business development


Performance Coaching

If you're concerned at all about your ability to show up and perform as your best self, then we have a range of service options: online 1:1 coaching, online cohorts, workshops, and more.

Purpose Coaching

Not being sure of where your life is headed, lacking a sense of direction - these are significant struggles for any person to face. But we have frameworks and programs to bring you guidance in these journeys.

Career Coaching

Whether you want support in maximizing the capacity of your current situation or you need help in designing a pivot - we've got you covered. 

From Our Founder

How to Select a Coach… From a Coach

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