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Every Amazing Day Begins With an Amazing Morning… So Make Each One of Them Count


What Can You Accomplish in 3 Hours?

Identify & Execute

Become clear on your priorities and begin executing on them. Your priorities are your direction for the day, so be sure they clearly lead you down the path of high performance. Get them done or at least accounted for. 

Your Habits = Your Future

They’re called best practices for a reason. For example, network like you never again want to drink coffee alone, and in turn you’ll find your life growing in opportunities. Make these types of habits a daily part of your first 3 hours. 

Build Happiness

There is a science to happiness, and research has identified the daily actions necessary in building it. Surprisingly, they’re not time intensive and instead just require consistent effort. 

This is NOT Your Typical Checklist

Research-Based Principles

Each of the practices outlined as core for an awesome three hours were selected for both their utility and their validity, meaning they’re backed by research and will work in an incremental fashion towards creating a future you can be excited for.

Based on Real-Life Coaching

We’ve kept this checklist and guide tightly focused on what we know works, and those decisions were founded upon thousands of hours of actual performance coaching. This is application, not theory.

5 Page Guide

This isn’t some one page “resource” with content devoid of context. Each of the checklist’s components were selected for specific reasons, and we offer explanations for each of those – so that you can succeed from day one. 

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