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These programs are designed around the pillars of human performance: purpose, motivation, and productivity (behavior, systems, more). A period of reflective practice and self assessment will establish a starting point, and then objectives and process will be co-designed with the client in order to determine progress. 

The individual is walked through a self-assessment process in order to determine their current state, their desired state, and then the gap between those two in terms of skills, content knowledge, environment, and the rest of their whole person. A program is then co-designed with objectives and benchmarks to track the individual on their path forward. 

An ideal program for the individual that "knows" some form of change is needed, but isn't sure yet what that could be. These coaching journeys are heavily focused on self-assessment, focused learning, and (intentional) experimentation with reflection. There is a heavy emphasis on the whole person: the mind (learning, growth), the body (wellness), and the heart (social). 

All coaching programs are fully customized according to the individual's objectives and other context.  

All coaching sessions are executed in a 1:1 setting, typically via phone, FaceTime, or other remote conferencing method. If the individual is in the North Dallas area then arrangements can be made to meet in person. 

For information about fees please contact the Re-Tri Team. 


Team Retri will work with organizational leaders to determine and then build customized programs for either high-capacity or already established internal leaders. 

Programs can be executed by either individual delivery or a cohort model. 

Programming typically begins with a period of inquiry to help organizational leaders fully understand the current state of their workplace - processes, power dynamics, behaviors, etc. We will then collaborate with leadership to reverse engineer a future state through benchmarking and process design.  

There are few aspects of an organization more difficult to ascertain - much less manage - than its identity, its values, its culture. This is our specialty, though. We work with leadership to first understand their organization's "real" culture (formal vs. informal, more), and then guide them through the process of reshaping their path forward into one that engages all stakeholders and creates the necessary space for high performance. 

Recent studies have found that approximately half of all businesses lack a strategic plan. And, unfortunately, much instruction out there around the process of strategic planning is needlessly complex and irrelevant in today's business world. We can work with leaders to cut through the noise and walk them through a process that will create a defined yet adaptable plan to achieve their organizational goals. 

Additionally, we can engage preexisting plans and guide leadership in determining relevance, and if necessary assist in the refinement process. 



In September we will be launching our first course which will focus on the process of reclaiming your future self. 

Additional courses to launch later this year will potentially include curriculum around generating real value, personal management, and more. 

The team is currently working to capture its Retri Framework (c) into a three-part ebook series. More to come later. 

The Retri Team can design and delivery customized content for the specific needs of an organization. For more information, please complete a "contact us" form. 

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